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That Noisy Thing called BioCharger

So if you have ever been to Restoring Eden, you may have heard the BioCharger. With over 1200 specific programs, there is a program that can help you. Yes, it makes noise that changes with each frequency change. But it can enhance your efforts for dealing with the everyday struggles of a modern lifestyle, revitalize your energy and boost in your sense of fulfillment. Many of our clients are being helped with vision programs that run 11:30am Monday, Wednesday and Friday. These group programs make healing together more affordable. You can book this group online. Anti-inflammatory programs, meditative and brain supporting programs are wonderful choices for groups. If you can get a group of 5 together and want me to add group sessions (up to 10 people), I will. These are the energies of the earth that the BioCharger harnesses-PEMF Energy: Reduced inflammation, Reduced pain, Faster healing​, Improved immune health, Improved circulation & blood oxygenation, Light Energy: Nutrient uptake enhancement, Rejuvenation, Mood enhancement, Improves sleep quality, Promotes skin health Frequency and Harmonic Energy: Better mood and cognition, Increased energy, Reduced pain, Reduced inflammation, Accelerated recovery & regeneration, Voltage Energy: Nutrient uptake enhancement, Rejuvenation, Supports better cognitive function, Reduces pain.

This tool has been one of my favorites because I can see how it has helped those who dedicate to doing it a few times a week. I have been able to improve my own eyesight, and loose the 2.75 bifocal progressive lenses I had-traded for blue light blockers. Clients have improved the pressure in their eyes and staved off venting surgery, and a client well over 70 had improvements in macular degeneration. It is not only this tool that gets results-it is this tool and a healthy diet, specific supplements and nutrients and a lifestyle of wellness. As a nurse in the field for over 23 years, I have seen a lot of things. The tools here are amazing, and the people are the best-dedicated to their wellness. You move your health in the right direction by dedication, guidance and grit. You have to want it. As I always say, health is not one thing-it is everything! Get busy getting well and staying well! Grab some friends and do this together-more fun that way anyway. Blessings! Audra.

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