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Nurturing The Nurturer-Spend Time

This month-instead of doing a Mother's Day Retreat as I have done in the past, I decided to make this offering more intimate. I decided that we need a little more one on one with those that have spent so much time with us behind the scenes. I do not know your experience with being nurtured-and I am sure it looks different than mine. Family is complicated sometimes. This May, in Honor of Mother’s Day-let’s get quality time. Time is a funny little thing that does not stop for anyone, and as we look upon those we love and cherish-drinking up every moment and holding it tight in our hearts forever-we know that it doesn’t last. Try to slow your pace for a day, for a few hours. Enjoy each other-laugh and reminisce! I put together a special that will work with your schedule and without the distraction of a large group. Enjoy two hours at Restoring Eden, decreasing inflammation with the BioCharger-Breathing the Eucalyptus and Mint infused Salt Therapy whilst enjoying a cup of tea-then finishing your experience with the relaxation program in the Sauna Room. Now doesn’t that sound wonderful? Call to book your time, this special runs all month and off-hours times are available upon request for this special.


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